Skills need before college:

We offer the following training to the local Minnesota high school youth to strength their skills and make them ready for college:

1. PowerPoint:
A. Basic, Intermediate & Advance.

2. Excel:
A. Basic, Intermediate & Advance.

3. Word:
A. College essay writing style, and basic research skills.
B. Multiple ways to copy and paste information into word.
C. How to make reference page.

4. Self Marketing:
A. Resume, Cover letter & job interview tricks.

5. Resources:
A. Scholarships resources & ways to find.
B. Work study & financial aid information.
C. College resources & ways to find.
D. Loan differences & future impact.
E. Ways to find best friend in college.
F. Ways to success in college.
G. College admission procedures.
H. Things to do or don’t in college.