The Waano Orphan Support Service Program started in January of 2013. The aim of the program is to identify and address hardships faced by orphaned children in East Africa.  This includes health services, shelter and educational opportunities. Most orphaned children in East Africa are devastated by the poverty, and unable to meet their basic needs, food, shelter, medical care, or pursue their education.

Waano Orphan Support Service Program was founded as response to the problems faced by these orphans. This program was set up to give hope to the lives of these orphans that they will basic needs such as shelter, a balanced diet that offers them the fortitude to combat disease, quality medical care for their ailments, and counseling.

The major goal of this project is to help orphaned children to rise from dependence on the communities they live in, and gain an opportunity for self-sufficiency.  With this project, we seek to assist orphans in obtaining an education through sponsorship.  We seek respect and value for orphans as well as other vulnerable children. Waano Foundation Orphan Support Service Program has found that the most vulnerable population in East Africa are the orphans due to a lack of proper care and protection, education, food, clothes and medical care.

The project is therefore established to target the orphans and the vulnerable children to empower them by providing educational opportunities, and also empowering their guardians to carry out income generating activities that would bring them to self-sufficiency even after Program support ends.

Since Orphaned Support Service Program was initiated on January 2013, we recruited two volunteer program managers in three countries: Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia, to assist and grow the program. This program is currently being managed at zero cost by the program managers and local volunteers. Waano Orphaned Support Service Program is dedicated to support orphans and other vulnerable children to help them succeed in life.