The Sheekh Mohamed Institute “SMI” recognizes the need of second language sneakers and writers across the world. The SMI have actively seek to increase the diversity of students through recruitment of international and domestic students to increase the world second language speakers and writers to make human communication smoothly understanding.

Many of our students have grown up speaking their native language at home, in their communities, and in schools and have study one or two other languages. Many of our students are highly literate in their native language, while few of them have never learned to write in their mother tongues. However, our students who study second languages are enthusiastic to learn their second languages, and open new door of opportunity and lifetime success.

The SMI students who speak and write second language take part in writing programs at all levels to improve our language courses and curriculum. We allow our students to emerge as members of their fields through upper division and graduate courses, and they also continue to emerge as speaks and writers frequently in ways unique to their cultural and linguistic backgrounds and educational and other social experiences.

The SMI take responsibility to teach its students second language, so they can communicate different nations across the world. We take responsibility to prepare multilanguage future professionals who have the ability to speak, and write different languages, so people across the world can communicate better.

The SMI has professional teachers who have the academic ability to investigate issues surrounding languages in the context of speaking and writing. , including first-year speaking and writing programs, undergraduate and graduate technical, creative, and theoretical speaking and writing courses.