The mission of Waano disability support services is to ensure that individuals with physical, medical, mental, or psychological disabilities have equal access to resources like education, career, social services, and finding a personal partner.

Waano provides and coordinates a range of services and accommodations to meet needs of individuals who are impacted by a specific disability. Waano is dedicated to assist more than 500 individuals with a variety of disabilities as they pursue a better life. Waano has services which individuals with disabilities can use to increase their skills in learning, time management, and finding a partner.

Waano is dedicated to assist individuals with disabilities accomplish their personal scholastic and career goals. We do this through skill building to eliminate the physical, technical and attitudinal barriers that limit their opportunities. Waano promotes awareness of the experience of persons with disabilities within social and economic constructs.

Waano provides services that give individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of social life. Waano promotes a broad definition of diversity that appreciates disability as an integral part of the human experience.