Jobs and Careers

Professional Tutor Application

Waano provides high quality tutors to improve the large educational gap that exists in Faribault, for immigrant students. Consider stopping in at 317 Central Ave offices to fill out an application to be a tutor. 

Waano tutors will work cooperatively under the program manager at the downtown offices to fulfill the task of providing homework help and academic enrichment to the attendees of the after-school program which operates Monday-Thursday. 

If you excel in subjects up to high school, with an emphasis on math and science, please consider working as a tutor by emailing info@waano.org; or calling 763-313-9078.

Hours of operation: 
M-TH; 330-630PM

Community Liaison Application

Waano is a nonprofit which aims to beat the band in improving the quality of life for immigrants in Faribault, Minnesota. We are looking for someone to join our team to act on behalf of Waano, and to be the coordinator and recruiter for our two main programs. 

For our after-school program, we are looking for individuals who can be a point person for Waano and the community needs which are voiced. 

 Our successful after-school program has a large roster of students who attend following school in Faribault. We mostly aim to serve 5th-12th grade students academically, though we often deal with the entire family unit. We need an individual who can continue to manage and develop relationships with the families which we support. We will also work with this individual to develop materials for the sake of recruiting students for our program, to maintain a high capacity. 

Finally, our Community Liaison must be able to manage communications for our Parent Council. This is essentially a council which comes together to discuss options and find solutions for the needs which the immigrant community voices. We expect that our liaison will host, including inviting and scheduling, our active roster of council members. And recruit, spread the word, and encourage council members to bring in large amounts of individuals for community meetings. 

We look forward to discussing this opportunity with the right candidate. Please visit our offices at 317 Central Ave Faribault, MN to discuss the opportunity further, and to apply as a Waano employee. Consider working as a community Liaison and emailing info@waano.org; or calling 763-313-9078.