Student Testimonials


One of the most important skills I learned at Waano was to have high standards for myself. I learned to get tough homework done, and to do it at a good rate. In the past, I had a tendency to wait until the last minute. At Waano, I learned how to maintain a routine between homework and socializing. Before I joined Waano’s program, I was struggling with most of my classes, and always thought homework was too difficult. But now I have the skills to do my homework with confidence.

Many thanks to Waano, for their help.


I came to Waano Learning Center as a Senior Faribault High School. My parents wanted to find somewhere that would offer me some extra help. Throughout middle school and into my first year of high school I struggled academically, and I got poor grades. After I found myself in more trouble in school, the decision for me to attend the Waano program was made by my parents. I learned from Waano program to try, to fail, and to keep trying. At Waano, I was taught the skills that I needed in order to do my homework by myself. Through Waano’s focused environment and the individualized attention, I received helped me make advancements both academically and emotionally, and within my first two months, it was clear that I belonged at the school.

Thanks to Waano for helping me succeed.


I was on track to not graduate from Faribault High School before I came to Waano Learning Center. What changed that was the genuine connection I made with the staff, which allowed me to comprehend that my life was worth caring about in a far deeper way than I’d known. I was bright but had big gaps in my education and no confidence in myself as a student. I would meet the minimum expectation but couldn’t risk excelling. From Waano support, I am expecting to graduate from Faribault High School, enroll in college and graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Thank you so much to Waano for giving me the support I need.


My name is Abdi-rahman and this program has helped with doing my homework. It helped improve my grades for all my classes.
Thanks to Waano for help me to do my homework