Parenting can be an extremely difficult responsibility which can be challenging both emotionally and physically. For example, just feeding, clothing and scheduling your children can seem overwhelming at times. Therefore, imagine having to do all of that in a new country with a different culture and lifestyle where many people don’t speak your language.

We supporting families and parents who want to do the best that they can in the face of cultural differences. Based on our experience many parents feel isolated from academic institutions in Minnesota and desperately need information about their kids, and want to be aware of their children’s academic journey.
Through our academic parents awareness program, we work to be an accessible, useful resource for parenting connections to the academic institutions from Pre-kindergarten to high school. Therefore, our academic parent awareness program is a place where parents can share their daily parenting frustrations and learn new strategies from each other to deal with these challenges.

On the other hand, we find one of the big challenges in students’ academic journey is the reluctance that some parents have to recognize the need for it. This is not a criticism. However, some parents think that their child can pull out of an academic slump on his or her own, or they themselves can correct the problem by spending more time with their child on homework or preparing for a test. In some cases, parents may not be able to see a problem at all, or the extent of it.

We inform new immigrant parents that when they see their child or teenager is struggling in school or test preparation, their student can quickly lose confidence and become frustrated. When this happens, they may lose interest in school altogether, and begin to fall into a downward cycle of losing interest in other things as well.

Therefore, our academic parent awareness program is the solution to overcoming your child’s academic problems. Our staff is highly skilled and they have the ability to give your child the best of both knowledge and learning motivation. By using our service, your child is gaining the knowledge to choose the right academic path, where to find academic resources, and how to graduate from higher education successfully.

We believe when a child or young adult is motivated to learn, he or she gains an attitude that lasts a lifetime, and can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful career. We are committed to providing high quality service to improve a child’s academic skills, and his or her ability to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow’s competition stemming from globalization.

We hold academic parent awareness group workshops every three months and cover below topics that make relevant the new immigrant parents’ needs:

  1. How parents of immigrant students and school teachers and staffs can create positive communication with each other.
  2. Tips for new immigrant parents on effective participation in parent-teacher conferences and other school activities
  3. Tips for immigrant parents on participation in their child’s academic success, and help with their role and responsibilities in that success.
  4. How school staff may elevate their cultural awareness and sensitivity when interacting with immigrant parents and students.
  5. How immigrants parents and school staff can narrow the achievement gap of the student by understanding the college preparation and selection process

In all of these situations, there is an opportunity to grow in the understanding of your child’s education. When children or young adults struggle in school or test preparation, they quickly lose confidence and become frustrated. When this happens, they may tend to lose interest in school, and begin to fall into a downward cycle of losing interest in other things as well.