Community Base Service

We offer Community Base Service for the purpose of long-term stable housing with supportive services to new immigrant adults living with a mental illness. We provide a combination of consumer-directed services focusing on promoting independence, community integration and successfully transitional independent community living.

We assist our clients for the followings:
1). Assistant in identifying independent living skills goals, support and education to reach goals, building skills at home and in the community.
2). Frequent support of needs for overall well-being, organized group activity opportunities at home and in the community.
3). Set-up health and wellness monitoring, and 24-hour emergency phone support.
4). Safety monitoring, transportation assistant for shopping, counseling services with a focus on interpersonal and family relationships.
5). Referrals to access affordable housing, assistant with budgeting and finances, filling out county forms to renew their benefits.

Our staffs are multidisciplinary team of professionals who have the ability to assist clients to reach self-suffusion, independent living, health and wellness.

Our professional staffs are consisting:
1). Mental Health Professionals
2). Registered Nurse
3). Service Administration

In order to enroll our community base service, we have the following requirements:
1). Must live in the US less than five years.
2). Must have mental illness diagnosis.
3). Must be 18 years of age and older.
4). Must receive or eligible for Medical assistance.