Please click the button below to register for our free leadership program for the summer of 2022!

This summer at Waano we will be hosting a free program to advance students academically.

We will be together as a group of students and have an academic curriculum for the summer including English and Math. Our group will meet from 10am-2pm and Monday-Thursday. We will have a focus on growing as writers, communicators, with subjects that challenge us. We will become experts in preparing for schoolwork, organization, and study skills. We will also have time for recreation each day, going to the park, playing basketball, soccer, weightlifting, and our program will provide lunch each day.

We will also have a service-learning curriculum. This means that every day we will focus on learning about the community, and the importance of community service, and leadership. Local leaders will come and speak with us, and people who have spent their whole lives in service toward others. We will be a team, growing and learning about leadership, with opportunities to serve the community together, and for field trips.

We want you to empower your family and friends through leadership. Our summer program will help you to grow in responsibility and determination, and you will have many opportunities to dream about your future and set goals for tomorrow!