Community Empowerment

Waano believes that domestic violence is not only a women, men, or youth problem, but it is a societal problem. Therefore, to prevent and eliminate violence activities we committed to provide an effective quality services to the community such as:
1) Diversity and cultural integration training.
2) Parent and teenage conflict mediation.
3) Runaway youth rehabilitation, mentorship and independent living
4) Personal and community development meeting.
5) Behavioral management and modification.
6) Transforms individual attitudes and behaviors.
7) Community awareness for collectivism and collaboration skills.

Our community empowerment program will assist families in need of interventions with the right services for their situation.  We have the confidence that our program listed above will help families with reaching their goals. Our program dedicated to providing services for youth and adults that empower the mind. Our program integrates family relationship building, community base therapy, and cultural diversity.  We provide program that will give a new direction and vision to each individual’s future.

Our program addresses the local social issues of homelessness, poverty, and unemployment. We utilize innovative and smart strategies to help vulnerable individuals and provide the necessary support and skills to help households empower themselves and their community. Our programs aim is to increase economic independence by challenging perspective, improving tangible skills, and inspiring the confidence to achieve.

Our primary program includes homelessness prevention, re-housing from shelter, public benefits enrollment, access to rental assistance programs, adult education and job training/placement, and mentorship. Our program activities help in need individuals to engage in their communities. Our activities occur in both group settings and one-on-one with staff. Our group activities’ ratio is one staff to ten clients; while our community group activities ratios is vary depending on the activity.