Cultural Integration

Promote Community Cultural Integration:
Waano puts young people in the Twin Cities at the front of change and development. We committed to support and train our youth to integrate in society with their positive power and capabilities. We training our for tomorrow’s globalization challenges.

We committed to the development of several key character traits that exemplify leadership in our youth including:

1) Integrity – it is the desire of Waano that our youth continually hold themselves accountable to their community, relationships and interactions by operating in honesty, personal moral ethics and a sense of right and wrong.

2) Perseverance – We value our youth and our passion is for them to succeed. Therefore, it is the desire of Waano that our youth take courage and remain optimistic, committed, and dedicated to their purpose, task and goals in the face of obstacles.

3) Respect – self-respect and respect for others is strongly promoted in our organization. It is the desire of Waano that our youth value and appreciate the various cultural, racial and ethnic differences and individuality of those they encounter and serve and that they interact with every individual in a highly respectful manner.

4) Responsibility – It is the desire of Waano that our youth feel a sense of responsibility to those they serve. Therefore, it is our goal to model responsibility for our youth and teach them what it means to be reliable, follow through on their commitments and be accountable for their actions.

Our youth community cultural integration program focus  the following sectors:

  1. Parents and teenagers conflict mediation
  2. Improve youth social skills
  3. Mental Health and Nutrition awareness