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Waano is a nongovernmental organization that is working to support and strengthen local communities. It was organized to promote educational programs, humanitarian assistance, set up water hole systems in necessary areas, helping disabled and homeless people, and provide self-reliance trainings/seminars to improve human life.

Waano believes education is a basic human right not a privilege. We envision an educational system that is both the center of the community and a tool for creating community. To encourage, edify, and prepare future professionals and entrepreneurs to make a positive and notable throughout our communities, professional environments and the world.

Waano helps local communities by training youth, women, teachers, and farmers as well as supporting private education and health institutions. We committed to help some of the world poorest communities in East Africa with the necessary resources for life and wellbeing. We dedicated to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment that empowers young people to reach their full potential.

Waano believe access to reasonable and quality education because we believe education is a basic human right that determines individual and community well-being. We value self-determination because we believe in the capacity of individuals and communities to envision and realize their strength, power, and well-being. We believe building a healthy youth community culture that acts out of love, respect, and equality for all people because we believe strong individuals and strong relationships build strong communities.

We believe that all young people have the capacity to develop personal responsibility, tolerance, and respect for self and others, thereby increasing the likelihood they will make positive life choices.