Mogadishu City Project

Township Academy is known for high-quality programs and degrees taught by expert instructors. Programs at TA are grouped under Academic Pathways. Each of the Academic Pathways provides you with special learning opportunities and activities, along with personalized guidance from an academic advisor or counselor.

Our commitment is to prepare all students for future success in both school and life. With a rigorous standards based curriculum that challenges every student, we hold our community to high expectations in the pursuit of excellence. We help our students persevere and overcome obstacles that may get in their way. Through involvement in the community our students develop the character traits needed to become active and engaged citizens who will be ready to meet dynamic global challenges.

Township Academy recognizes that all children are unique and bring their special qualities with them as students. We welcome our students and embrace the background, skills, knowledge and creativity each brings, while allowing them to retain their unique learning.

We provide for our students supportive, engaging and collaborative learning environment. Working together with students, parents, teachers and staffs to prepares students for a lifelong love of learning and academic success.

We committed to build community and family relations and connect the community as a whole to what is happening here at our school on a daily basis. Our school management techniques includes parent communication, enrollment and recruitment, and building relationships with students and their families for the success of all.

Anything you donate help us to complete the projects. We and those we are servicing sincerely appreciate generosity.

Thank you for your generosity