Individual Consultation

We provide one-on-one academic consulting to help students figure out where they want to go for higher education and how to make it happen. Our passion and commitment is to provide an affordable comprehensive package of academic consulting that helps students gain admission to the college/university of their choice and develop the skills and behaviors that are essential to academic success and professional development.  Our academic consulting covers the following nine areas:
Choice of Major
2) Selection of a college or university
3)  Transition from high school
4) Personal goal setting
5) Course registration and time management
6) Skills in prioritizing assignments
7) Stress and anger management
8) Reasons people succeed or fail in college

We build close working relationships with students, and through those relationships help students to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. We show students how to be proactive, and how to do that well, understand the purpose of higher education, and develop strategies for academic success.

We respect students’ values, attitudes, dreams, identity, behaviors, and life situations.  These all factor into their academic success and their ability to reach their goals. We help students to design pathways to their future goals that include academics as well as engagement opportunities and support services.

We show students how to create their academic and personal goals.  These are connected to their values, personality, interests, and abilities. We lead students in how to establish, update, and follow their educational plan based on our adviser’s recommendations. We teach the students how to recognize the value of a well-balanced life and emphasize to them the importance and purpose of life-long learning.

We lead students to know where and how to access appropriate academic support services to accommodate their unique needs and individualized academic goal. We encourage students to take responsibility for their academic decisions and to be knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures.

Our methodology is results-driven. Each student’s journey is a collaborative partnership among multiple parties: our staff, student, and parent. We begin with a personalized consultation to gain an understanding of your child’s unique learning profile, and then we give him or her appropriate consulting and academic resources. With continuous monitoring, we evaluate each student’s progress and provide feedback to the student, parent and all others involved.

Equally important, we celebrate students’ progress by celebrating their achievements.  We also help them to define goals for life success.  Working together, we help your child succeed by melding their desire to learn with the self-confidence they need to perform in academic environments. We use an innovative approach to show students how to learn in a personal way, so they build their confidence and get inspired to do great things!