Academic Support

School Retention
We believe one of the most efficient ways to improve student retention is to reach at-risk students before they drop-out from schools. We do this by implementing an early alert student referral program. Based on our school retention program, students are experiencing academic, personal, financial or social problems, and many of these students are minorities and new immigrant students.

We guide teens who have dropped out or in the juvenile justice system by giving them a second chance for learning and a better life. Our goal is through stronger outreach and community building specially for those minorities and new immigrant students and making sure in getting fewer students to drop out from school.

One-on-one academic consulting
We provide one on one academic consultation to help students from new immigrant and/or low income families figure out where they want to go for higher education and how to make it happen. Our passion and commitment is provide academic consulting that helps minority students gain admission to the college/university of their choice and develop the skills and behaviors that are essential to academic success and professional development.

We respect students’ values, attitudes, dreams, identity, behaviors, and life situations.  These all factor into their academic success and their ability to reach their goals. We help students to design pathways to their future goals that include academics as well as engagement opportunities and support services.

School Support
We provide for the youth a guidance and mentorship support in any number of ways and situations, including high schools and academically. Waano’s youth mentorship is one of the more promising program approaches intended to promote positive youth outcomes.

We believe that student success does not simply come from attending classes but also is supplemented by the ways students engage the campus academically and socially. We mentor and help students to brainstorm career possibilities, define career goals and establish action plans.

Educational Transformation
We inspire our students to own their own businesses and to place students in job shadowing and internship assignments to gain invaluable experience and for possible future employment.  Our Academic Support program focus the following three sectors:
1) Youth At-Risk
2) Youth Mentorship
3) Youth Skill Development

We educate and train students from low income and new immigrants families in the following areas:
1) Career Research
2) Entrepreneurial Principles
3) Interview Skills
4) Resume Building
5) Community/Volunteer Responsibility